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Progress till now

Till now was able to add the function to compute the eigenvalues. Also fixed the segmentation fault in the inverse function to do this has to edit the LU decomposition function to get results of couple of arrays. Now will be starting to work on the implementation of the function for eigenvectors and also try to develop the tests for inverse and eigenvalues functions.

Testing Part

This week was spent on fixing the errors encountered basically by adding get_pointers() functions to some of the files in parrot and pla.Then later on started to write tests on the project to check the correctness of the result from lapack subroutines but have to change the implementation of the initial file so that it would be helpful for the testing part.Had also encountered and learned about an error from git regarding merge conflict.

The initial step

This is about the project "LAPACK binding with PLA".
To implement the project have been using winxed,read some code and examples related to this on http://whiteknight.github.com/Rosella/winxed/index.html
and have started to code in the same.
Till date have am trying to call the LAPACK function by using some of the matrices in PLA but got an error regarding a pointer and trying to figure out the cause as everything being passed to the lapack function is a pointer.

LAPACK bindings for Parrot-Linear-Algebra

LAPACK bindings for Parrot-Linear-Algebra so as to provide an interface for the basic linear algebra functions.In modern treatments of linear algebra, matrices are considered first. Matrices provide a theoretically and practically useful way of approaching many types of problems including: solution of systems of linear equations,graph theory, theory of games, computer graphics,data compression,etc.

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