Not Dead Yet

RL has been getting in the way of the schedule lately, I've fallen a week behind schedule, and the blogging has been sporadic. So I'm taking advantage of the new #parrotsketch format to kill two birds with one stone: I report to the blog, ensuring at least weekly posting and just post a link to it on IRC, allowing people who don't care about it to just skip it, and people who care to get the information in a more reachable place than the irc backlog.

Without further ado, I present to you my weekly report:

* About a week behind schedule.
* GSoC midterms are here. I'll complete the student survey later today.
* Re-did the way we throw exceptions, went for the minimal-surgery approach after all.
* Made some modifications to the way we do comparisons.
* Got rid of some unnecessary tests.
* We now run the entirety of our tests. We still fail 176 of the 3675 tests.
* The test failures appear to be a rounding issue that I can't track down.
* I might leave it for later and get started on DecInt to avoid getting further behind schedule.
* DecNum has hit "usable" status, I need to get started on user-level docs.
* The pct test parser is still on hold until we get back on schedule.