This week on decnum-dynpmcs

Another week, another #parrotsketch report:
* Made some small cleanups here and there. Added missing checks to a few DecNum METHODS.
* Added a method to DecNum to retrieve the actual exponent of a number. More useful than it sounds, really.
* DecInt is starting to work. Trying it out as a subclass of DecNum. Had to tweak the set_*_native() VTABLEs to properly round their input.
* It looks like SUPER() is misbehaving for dynpmcs. I'll look a bit more into that today and file a TT if it's actually a bug.
* The decTest parser is now functioning, it parses and runs most decTest files.
* Modified the decTest parser to emit pir that is closer to what I was getting out of the perl script.
* is no more. decTest --target=pir is the new king. The support library still needs some additions, but we're mostly there.