NLNet Grant Update for September and October, 2008

September and October of 2008 saw the usual monthly Parrot releases. The September release, numbered 0.7.1, included major advances in Rakudo, the Perl 6 on Parrot implementation. New features included support for precompiled modules and scripts, the implementation of various builtins, quoting operators, gather/take, as well as the initial implementation of multi-method dispatch.

The 0.8.0 release included even more Rakudo features, more builtins, support for exporting, and advances in namespace support. Under the hood, Parrot now has support for proper nested namespaces, multi-method dispatch improvements, and an improved exception implementation. The exception work brings Parrot closer to (the unfunded) milestone 3 for exceptions.

The Ruby implementation has also advanced in the last two releases, with advances in implementing built in language features and classes, as well as an improved test suite.

Another new piece of work that has been done for Parrot is design and implementation on how the high-level languages Parrot supports will inter-operate with each other. This is an important part of fulfilling Parrot's goal of being a viable platform for multiple dynamic languages. One of the most exciting aspects of this goal is that it will allow a single program to be written in multiple languages. The design work is in the PDD31, which is still in draft.and

The multi-method dispatch implementation was done by Allison and chromatic, who will share the payment. Allison will receive $1,500 and chromatic will receive $500.

The I/O implementation milestone is nearly complete. It is being worked on in a branch, and will be merged into trunk immediately following the November 18th release. Similarly, the garbage collection implementation is also being worked on in a branch. The character set implementation has not yet been started.

Note that under the rules of the Parrot Foundation, Allison is eligible for direct payments for her Parrot work, unlike with the Perl Foundation.